Flames of bigotry

Source: Dawn

IT is yet another needless death at the altar of moral vigilantism. On Wednesday at Bahawalpur’s Government Sadiq Egerton College, a third-year student stabbed to deathKhalid Hameed, head of the English department, accusing the professor of ‘spreading obscenity’.

It appears the young man had taken exception on religious grounds to a mixed gender event being held on the college premises — despite the institution being a co-educational one — and attacked Mr Hameed for his role in organising it.

The student, unrepentant and defiant, was arrested by police while the victim, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries while being taken to hospital.

The state cannot escape responsibility for Mr Hameed’s terrible fate. Over the decades it has repeatedly capitulated to self-proclaimed guardians of public morality and allowed them to define ‘acceptable’ norms of behaviour.


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  1. Change of mindset of bigotry is urgently required. Repealing of certain laws can also facilitate it. But one sees no sincere effort in this regard.

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