An excellent example to stop Terrorism

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On 22nd of March at noon, Friday prayers time, New Zealand came to a standstill for 2 minutes of silence. Women across the country wore headscarves. The Azaan was broadcast nationally and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern participated in a 5,000 strong gathering for Friday prayers.

                 NZ PM joining Muslims

This here is how a nation shows solidarity in the face of terror. This is how a nation rebukes fascism. This is how a nation embraces love. More than anywhere else in the world, I hope these words and images replay endlessly throughout the Muslim world. Despite the backdrop of this gathering being the murder of 50 Muslims, it is impossible not to contrast New Zealand’s response with the grudging and muted responses in Muslim nations to the bombing of churches, Hindu temples, Imambargahs and Ahmadi mosques.

I cannot imagine a greater antidote to hatred than what Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand has done. We have been shown how faith in humanity can be restored. Let us seize this inspiring moment and fight not only the hatred targeting us but the hatred within as well.

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