Anti-Muslim Hate Speech Is Absolutely Relentless On Social Media Even As Platforms Crack Down On Other Extremist Groups

Source: Buzzfeed


“Islamophobia happens to be something that made these companies lots and lots of money,” said one researcher, who added that it keeps people on the platform and available to see ads.

Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon moved to remove or reduce the spread of anti-vaccination content after recent public outcry. The platforms largely eradicated ISIS terrorists and made inroads to remove white supremacists from their services, and worked to keep them off. But through all this, anti-Muslim content has been allowed to fester across social media.

For years, Muslims endured racial slurs, dehumanizing photos, threats of violence, and targeted harassment campaigns, which continue to spread and generate significant engagement on social media platforms even though it’s prohibited by most terms of service. This is happening amid increasing violence against Muslims in the US and attacks on places of worship worldwide, including last week’s murder of 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand by a man police say was steeped in white supremacist internet meme culture.

Researchers say Facebook is the primary mainstream platform where extremists organize and anti-Muslim content is deliberately spread.

Maarten Schenk, editor of the fact-checking site Lead Stories and the developer of Trendolizer, a tool that can be used to track the virality of fake news, recently wrote about a network of 70 Macedonian websites publishing disinformation for profit. Of the top 10 stories on the websites, eight had the word “Muslim” in the title, Schenk said.

“Most of these stories are old or sensationalized or even completely not true. Yet they keep reappearing over and over again,” he said. “There clearly is a big ‘demand’ for such articles if you see how many people are willing to like and share them.”

The trend has been going on for years. In 2017, BuzzFeed News reported on the website True Trumpers that used false anti-Muslim headlines to generate engagement on Facebook and, in turn, financial profit.

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1 reply

  1. Anti everything is all over social media like a plague.

    And if you try to get in the middle to calm them down?

    Facebook bans you for trying to create peace instead of war because they want world war 3.

    For example:

    A Muslim and Jew were arguing about Israel plus Jordan, So I told them that God has nothing to do with their argument as it’s over greed, land, and resources veiled by religious excuses.

    So they asked how can I prove this?

    Besides all the other proof of God I have natural and unnatural?

    It’s the exact same God.

    Whenever God dies as a man he is reborn as a man somewhere else which is why over the years the religions evolved into other ones based on his geographical location at the time.

    Anyways for telling them its the exact same God and showing them the birthmark plus some data?

    …Facebook banned me for hate speech. ⁂

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