Video: Ahmadiyya Muslim World Leader Presents World Peace Vision

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The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad delivered the keynote address at Peace Syposium held in London on 09.03.2019 and said:
“The world is hurtling towards a titanic catastrophe the like of which mankind has never seen before and one that would be impossible to contain..hence we must pause and reflect on the consequences of our actions.
The world is stuck in a vicious cycle of conflict. The similarities to the period just before the Second World War continue to be cited and it seems clear that events are moving the world at an unprecedented pace towards a horrific Third World War. It is imperative that Nations and their leaders do not focus only on their own national interests but what is best for the world at large. According to Islam, for peace to prevail justice between nations is a prerequisite. Justice requires that a person is willing to testify even against himself and his most loved ones in order to guard and protect the truth.
Peace symposium 2019
Establishing peace requires us to bandage the wounds of those in pain, to remove the anxieties of those who are distressed and to show love and compassion without any desire for recognition or reward. The root cause of frustration and resulting hostility whether in the east of the west is economic injustice and so it is essential that a concerted effort is made to bridge the economic divide amongst nations and their people.
Furthermore international institutions such as the United Nations should treat each country equally rather than bend to the will of certain powers.
Eight years later and Syria has known only death and mass displacement. My own view remains that international cooperation is a positive and unifying force for good. Indeed, I am sure all of you hope to see an end to the many conflicts and wars that have blighted the world in recent times and for a peaceful world to emerge.The Holy Qur’an states in Ch16:V91 “Verily, Allah enjoins justice and the doing of good to others.
The Holy Quran has outlined three levels of engagement. The first and minimum level is of justice. We must treat everyone fairly and equitably.
A person should not only be just but should go beyond it by doing good to others by manifesting generosity & forgiveness.
A person should not only be just (‘Adl) but should go beyond it by doing good to others by manifesting generosity & forgiveness (ihsāni wa-ʾītāʾi dhī l-qurbā).The Third level of engagement taught by the Holy Qur’an is to treat others in the same way that a mother treats her child, which is the most selfless form of love. To get an accurate portrayal of Islamic governance and leadership we should look to the era of the founder of Islam. The treaty of Medina was based directly upon the teachings of the Holy Qur’an.The Holy Qur’an states that if there is a war or conflict between two parties, other nations should mediate impartially and seek to bring about a peaceful settlement.The potential consequences of a war would be extensive and far reaching.Humanity speaks louder than nuclear arms.I pray for an end to the frustrations and deprivations that have plagued the lives of countless people. If there is a nuclear war it will affect 90% of the world as well as future generations. We should not consider any conflict at this level to be insignificant. We must show tolerance and strive to break down the barriers between us. In my speech 7 years ago I focused upon the importance of removing the fears of public about immigrants and emphasising the benefits of unity. From an Islamic perspective we should strive for the entire world to unite together. If genuine efforts are made to cultivate peace and to help countries to achieve their potential; the desperation for people to flee their homes would subside. The short-term where refugees or asylum seekers come to the west, they should be treated with dignity and respect. At the same time whatever support they are given should not be at the expense of citizens.
Immigrants should strongly be encouraged to enter employment as soon as possible.
Refugees should try their best to stand on their own feet & try not be an economic burden on their host countries.
We must show tolerance and strive to break down the barriers that divide us. ‘We should utilise all of our energies and faculties to peruse peace by seeking to end every conflict amicably through dialogue and mutual compromise and by fulfilling the rights of one and other – May Allah the Almighty enable us to do so. I pray that we come to see the best in humanity and see each others strengths and skills to build a better world for our children and cultivate lasting peace in society. I pray that we show tolerance of each others beliefs and customs and value the diversity within our societies. In recent days the world witnessed an increased tension between India and Pakistan. Both are nuclear powers…Dialogue with other nations and communities is vital and each party should work together with a spirit of tolerance. It is my heartfelt prayer that May Allah the Almighty enable true peace to emerge and may the long shadows of war and conflict be replaced by blue skies of peace and prosperity. I pray that we come to see the best in humanity and use each other’s strengths to build a better world. His Holiness concluded his address with prayers for lasting peace in the world.

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  1. His Holiness is drawing the attention of the world leaders since long. Hope his advice is taken in letter and spirit and world becomes a true loving peaceful planet for mankind to live.

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