Even Trump’s America gives asylum seekers faster working rights than the UK – we must end this cruel ban

The change we’re requesting is so small as far as government policy is concerned – we’re asking for the UK to catch up with the rest of the western world 

Work. It’s not just what we do. It can be who we are.

That is how it has always been for me. Journalism wasn’t what I did, it was who I was.

Maybe it was growing up in a working-class area on the outskirts of Glasgow where work defined so many people.

It was much more than what put food on the table.

For many people it was a source of pride, their place in the community and the means they had for changing their lives and creating a better future for their children.

When I look back on my childhood I remember so many happy times. But I struggle to imagine what those years would have been like if my dad, and then when he suddenly died at the age of 44, my mum, had been denied the right to work

I’m not sure how our family, or any of those around us could have survived if we had been isolated from our neighbours and lost the ability to dream of better things when times were hard.

You can imagine the impact that’s having.



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