Listen to Muslim women about Shamima Begum – they’re who Sajid Javid’s decision will hurt the most

 Some have already begun reporting that they’ve received islamophobic abuse in public following Begum’s plea to return

While the conversation around Shamima Begum – the British Muslim schoolgirl who fled to Syria to join Isis at the age of 15, and now, four years later, wants to return to the UK – has been all over the news this week, the debate has largely been spearheaded and dominated by the voices of white people.

Earlier this week, for instance, both Richard Madeley and Danny Dyer clashedwhen discussing what the government should do about Begum live on Good Morning Britain. There have also been countless rushed think-pieces written from white points of view arguing for and against Begum’s return.

But at no point have the voices of actual British Muslims, especially British Muslim women, been considered or even listened to in all this. It’s as if the voices of white people are the only ones that carry any authority in the public sphere, despite the fact that this issue is far more complex than these exclusionary discussions allow for.


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  1. You are right there is a too narrow discussion of this case. Sometimes I fear that the emotions that this case engenders, those of anger and hostility, may frighten a lot of British Muslims from having their say. This is a great shame as there is likely to be a much greater understanding of what has happened, and is going on, if these voices were part of the discussion

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