A Muslim Saint About a Sikh Saint


The Golden Temple in Amritsar.  The Muslim Times has a good collection about Sikhism and the best collection of articles about interfaith tolerance

Source: Book — A Message of Peace from 1908

Although the newborn branch of Vedic faith entitled Arya Samaj teaches that after the revelation of the Vedas, communication from God to man was sealed, the great avatars born in the Hindu faith from time to time, who have millions upon millions of followers in this country, have doubtlessly broken that seal by claiming to be recipients of Divine revelation. One such elect Divine representative, who is greatly revered in this country and Bengal, is known as Sri Krishna. He claimed to be the recipient of God’s Word and his followers not only believe him to be a Messenger but some consider him to be God personified. There is no doubt, however, that Sri Krishna was a Messenger and a representative of God in his time, and God conversed with him.

Likewise, from among the Hindu people of the Latter Days was one named Baba Nanak, whose saintliness has become a byword in this country. His followers, the Sikhs, number no less than two million. Baba Sahib openly claims to be the recipient of revelation in the Janam Sakhis (Autobiographies of Baba Nanak) and the Granth (The Holy Book of the Sikhs). In one Janam Sakhi he states that he had received revelation from God testifying to the truth of Islam. Based on this he performed Hajj in Mecca and followed the Islamic injunctions meticulously. It is established without doubt that great signs and miracles were manifested by him. It goes without question that Baba Nanak was a holy and pious man. He was one of those whom God, the Mighty, the Glorious, made drink out of His goblet of love. He was born among Hindus only to bear witness that Islam is from God. Anyone who sees for himself his relics preserved at Dera Nanak, in which he has testified to the kalimah:


Which means: There is none worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. and witnesses relics that lie enshrined at Guru Hersahai, District Ferozepur, among which is also a copy of the Holy Qur’an, how can he ever doubt the fact that because of his pure heart, nature and effort, Baba Nanak had come to know of the secret that lay hidden from the so-called Pundits. Guru Baba Nanak also claimed to be a recipient of revelation from God and he enjoyed the Divine blessing of showing many miracles. Thus he roundly debunked the erroneous claims that there was no revelation after the Vedas or that no signs were manifested thereafter. No doubt Baba Nanak was a great blessing from God for the adherents of Hinduism. You may deem him, if you please, the last avatar for Hinduism who endeavored to eradicate the hatred which Hindus had for Islam. But it is tragic for this country that Hindu faith did not derive any benefit from this Divine blessing which came in the person of Baba Nanak. On the contrary, the Pundits inflicted much pain upon him for praising Islam wherever he went. It was his mission in fact to bring Hinduism and Islam to a state of mutual peace. Unfortunately for this country, the followers of the Hindu faith paid no due attention to his teaching. If he and his pious teachings had been shown any respect, the Hindus and the Muslims would have become united by now. O grief that such a righteous man came into this world, remained with us and passed away, but the imprudent did not gain any benefit from his light!

In any case, he proved that the institution of revelation and communion never terminates and that the Divine signs of Allah always appear through the agency of His chosen ones and he stood witness to the fact that harboring enmity towards Islam is tantamount to harboring enmity towards the Divine light.

Similarly, I can also, from personal experience, give testimony that the present age has certainly not been deprived of communication and revelation from God. On the contrary, God still speaks as He used to speak and still hears as He used to hear. It is not that His eternal attributes have become inoperative.

Reference page 13 of the book and not the PDF file: Message-of-Peace

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  1. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

    This is a message to all people through the knowledge which the One True God bestow upon me. No one can represent the Mighty God in the earth. He is One God; to Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. The All- Seeing, All-Hearing.

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