Ahmadiyya Muslim and Humanity First assist at the time of Advent

Source: Munawwar Rana Croatia

During the time of Advent, volunteers of Humanity First and members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Croatia remained active. This time volunteers went to Dugo-Selo to assist the rehability centre “Stančić”. Their social services are used by children with developmental difficulties and adults with intellectual or mental disabilities. Ahmadiyya and Humanity First in Croatia decided to provide food packets to the most needy families amongst them. Due to the fact that the city of Zagreb was winning the award for the most beautiful city during Advent and Christmas the last couple of years, we wished Ahmadiyya dnd Humanity First with their humanitarian projects before and during the Advent could share some happiness, peace and hope with the most needy, especially children living in harsh circumstances.

Food Packets being handed over to Needy Families of Croatia.

Ahmadiyya and Humanity First went on Wednesday, 19.12.2018 to Dugo-Selo to handover the donation to 15 families that makes a total sum of 160 food packets delivered during the month of december. In return for the humanitarian action, Director Stančić Stančić, Mrs. Sanjica Grbavac, after giving a warm welcome and receiving the donation, gave a ”Tthank you Note” to the Humanity First.

Contact with this institution was made possible by Mr. Drazenko Pandek, the vice president of SDP’s city organization in Zagreb, a friend and associate of Humanity First and Ahmadiyya in Croatia. Volunteers Humanity First, Mr. Kallemullah Malhi and Mr. Yassiru Al-Masri extended full assistance.


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