A Southern Baptist seminary just admitted its slave-owning past. But it didn’t touch the theology behind it.


Source: The Washington Post

This week, the Southern Baptist Convention’s flagship seminary released a detailed, historical accounting of its white supremacist founding. Over 71 pages, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary made explicit its founders’ slave-owning and the fact that its teachers and leaders used the Bible to justify it. The report explained for the first time in plain words that seminary leaders defiantly passed on a legacy of white supremacy well into the latter half of the 20th century.

“We knew, and we could not fail to know, that slavery and deep racism were in the story,” seminary President Albert Mohler wrote in his introduction to the document.

And that’s where the report stopped.

While it’s notable that one of the most prominent and historic Christian educational institutions in the country is spelling out the nuts and bolts of its racist past, if Mohler — and conservative American Christianity overall — want to address the legacy of slavery, it will take more self-honesty than this report musters.

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