Aasia Bibi: British imams join calls for UK to give asylum


Aasia Bibi. The Muslims who are for Aasia Bibi should stand tall for religious freedom of every one and perhaps should also rise above sectarianism

Source: BBC News

Three British imams have joined calls for the UK to offer asylum to Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman recently acquitted of blasphemy.

It comes after former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and other politicians, urged the government to help her.

Ms Bibi was freed last week after eight years on death row, sparking violent protests in Pakistan from Islamists.

Her husband has said the family is in danger and has pleaded for asylum from the UK, US or Canada.

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5 replies

  1. She deserve asylum. We all know if she remained in Pakistan some fanatic will kill her. And there are a lot of them there.
    I wish her and her family peace and security.

  2. I hope that poor woman is already safely out of Pakistan, out of reach of those barbaric and primitives who are a danger to the world, but seem to have a great deal of influence in that country. It’s again an example of someone having to leave a Muslim country to ensure ‘Compassionate Living’.

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