In The Land Of Dracula, Witches Work As ‘Life Coaches’ Of The Supernatural

romania_custom-bf0ec524bcf4b690e93d95fada9590bd2a4928da-s1500-c85Source: NPR


The witch lives in the suburbs of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, in a busy village with a Renaissance palace.

There’s a poster of her outside her house in Mogoșoaia: “The most powerful witch from Europe,” the poster reads, “Mihaela Minca.”

“Welcome, welcome!” she says, emerging through a beaded curtain at the front entrance. She’s in a floor-length, black dress with bright flowers. Her hair, also black, is pulled back in a baby-blue headscarf.

“I can solve any kind of problem — with love, success, anything,” she insists, leading us to a dining room with gold-painted chairs that resemble thrones. “I am a witch who gets results.”

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