Noah’s Ark Creationist Ken Ham Wants You To Warn Kids About Hell On Halloween

Noah ark museum

Noah’s Ark Museum in Kentucky, USA.  Suggested reading by the Muslim Times: Did Noah Take Kangaroos with Him in the Ark?

Source: Huffington Post

By Ed Mazza

“Halloween is all about scary and spooky things,” he said.

Ken Ham, the creationist behind a Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky, is calling on followers to warn children about an “eternity in hell” on Halloween.

“I want to encourage believers again this year to use this day as an opportunity to share the gospel with kids and their families,” Ham said on his blog as he hawked $17.99 “learn and share” kits. The kits include pamphlets and “dino” dollars to distribute to trick-or-treaters instead of candy.

On the front, the funny money features a roaring dinosaur and claims to be worth $1 million. On the back, the text warns costumed kids that if they ever “look with lust,” they will be punished with “death and eternity in hell.”

The kit also includes Noah’s Ark dollars, which suggest that if you’ve ever used God’s name in vain, for example, “the penalty for your crimes against God is death and eternal Hell because God is holy and just.”

Happy Halloween, kids!

In his blog post, Ham complained about being “mocked” for urging followers to share these dollars and other Bible-themed literature last Halloween.

“I find it ironic that people were accusing me of trying to scare kids when Halloween is all about scary and spooky things,” he wrote.

Last year, Ham also suggested that followers engage in “reverse trick-or-treating,” or visiting others on Halloween to give them “goodies” along with gospel booklets.


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