Ahmadiyya and Humanity First this time Hand in Hand in Albania

By Zubair Khan

Pictures: Bekim Bici

Divison 7 Head supervising the distribution of food packets.

Thursday, 18.10.2018 was a nice day for the inhabitants of Division 7 of Tirane Municipality. The administrative Head of the division Ms Gjinovefa Kadriu along with from ruling party MP Mr Besnik Bare were present to distribute the food items among 125 needy families.  Humanity First Germany in cooperation with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Albania financed the food security project. Ms Gjinovefa was extremely kind and helpful to get the project materialised. Along with her staff members lists were prepared and families were invited to collect the food packets stored in the hall of a  school located in the territory division 7. Administrative Head of the Division 7 showed a very high sense of responsibility and through out remained present and supervised the event. Mr Besnik Bare also took time from his very busy schedule and participated in the event.

Albania Ahmadiyya Jamaat and HF Germany banner being placed in the hall where distribution to take place.

Mr Samad Ghori, National Head of Ahmadiyya Mission Albania along with his team members coordinated all the details with the local officials and executed the project amicably. While addressing the families Mr Bujar Ramaj, Vice national President of Ahmadiyya Mission who is also an ex-high official of Albanian Establishment, introduced the project high lights on behalf of Ahmadiyya and Humanity First. Mr Besnik Bare and Ms Kadriu thanked the Ahmadiyya Muslim jamaat and Humanity First Germany for the kind gesture. Mr Samad Ghori, National Head of Ahmadiyya Albanian Mission thanked the Albanian Officials for their cooperation.

Needy families collecting food packets.

Distribution process of the food packets continued for about 2 hours. One could see the pleasant and cheerful feelings on the faces of the needy people. All were extremely grateful to Humanity first and Ahmadiyya for this kind gesture to help them and wished to continue such projects in future also.

Smile on the face after having collected the food packets.

By chance on 21.10.2018 was scheduled the 11th annual gathering (Jalsa Salana) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Albania. Above 300 delegates from Albania, Bosnia, Germany, Kosovo , Macedonia, , Montenegro and UK were present.

Mr Besnik Bare MP from ruling Party getting gift from HFD

Mr Bare and Ms Kadriu specially travelled to participate in the annual gathering. Both addressed the participants of the Jalsa Salana also and once again thanked the kind gesture of Ahamidyya and Humanity First.  On this occasion gifts were also exchanged from both sides.

Ms Gjinovefa Kadriu, Administrative Head of Division 7 getting gift from HFD

On behalf of Humanity First Mr Zubair Khan, Director of Balkan countries, presented the gifts to both honourable guests. In return the Division 7 Head also presented a gift which was received by Head of Ahmadiyya Albanian Mission Mr Samad, National Vice Head of AMJ Albania  Mr Bujar and Balkan Director of HF Germany.

Ms Gjinovefa Kadriu, Head of Division 7 presenting gift to National Head of Albanian Ahmadiyya Mission and to Balkan Director of HFD. Mr Bare and Mr Bujar also present.

Note: Video of the event can be seen at this LINK.

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5 replies

  1. A very good effort by Ahmadiyya Muslim community.
    Although the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a small community but it is a representative of the true teachings of Islam.The head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community realizes our responsibility as human beings and tells us that we should try to pay attention to solving those issues of human rights that can help to establish peace in the world.

  2. It’s very nice to see everyone’s efforts in this amazing project! As time comes hopefully we can see this effort in many more projects InsahAllah

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