In rural Madagascar, women face the ripple effects of U.S. abortion politics


Source: The Washington Post

Nana thought for a second, and then shook her head. Donald Trump? No, never heard of him.

Her humble, earthen home and field of cassava are about as far from Washington as it gets. She lives in Madagascar, an impoverished island hundreds of miles off the coast of Africa — and tiny Betsingilo is a week-long trip by bus from the country’s capital.

The distance has not stopped Trump’s foreign policy from affecting people’s lives here.

Madagascar is one of dozens of countries where health providers are facing cutbacks or other disruptions after a dramatic change to foreign aid by the Trump administration. Little noticed by many Americans, the shift could have profound consequences in rural communities like Nana’s.

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  1. Well, apparently aid to Africa is about equal to ‘capital flight’ from Africa. Consequently the right thing for African billionaires would be to invest their money and spend their money in Africa, replacing all the aid. (Just a thought) (You may have other opinions, please let us know).

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