Repairs to Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at homes in Lombok halted after workers were threatened

(Editor's note:   google translate being used):

Home Improvement of Ahmadiyya Jama'at Rejected, Sakti Kapolsek Sakti Report Kesbangpoldagri
September 27, 2018  


LOMBOKita - East Sakra Sector Police Chief, Ipda L.Mahrum reported a case of refusal to repair the house of the Ahmadiyah congregation to the East Lombok National Political Unity Agency (Bakesbangpoldagri) by the citizens of Greneng.

"It is true that there is a refusal from the residents to repair the house for Ahmadiyah in Greneng, so we report it to Bakesbangpoldagri," said M.Mahrum to this media.

He emphasized that indeed before the Ahmadiyah congregation brought workers or repairmen to repair their damaged houses. But after working for a few days, but then stopped working.

Because the artisans who do the work do not dare to continue the work, because they get intimidation or threats from local residents. Moreover, the craftsman who works is not the villager.

"How can artisans work well, if they get threats and intimidation from citizens who reject the existence of Ahmadiyah congregations, so this is a problem," he said.

Therefore, added the Sakti police chief, to solve this problem from Bakesbangpoldagri Lotim will come to conduct a meeting with the sub-district, village government and figures in the Greneng area.

In order to solve this problem, so as not to develop and refract to become even greater which will certainly disturb the situation of kamtibmas being not conducive.

"We hope that in the meeting there will be a solution produced," Mahrum hoped.

Separated from the Head of the Greneng Village, Budi Harlin confirmed that the residents were refusing to repair the house of the Ahmadiyah community. However, his side still appealed to the community not to take actions that would harm the community itself.

"The village government remains in the midst of positioning itself, of course trying to find the best solution to the problem of the Ahmadiyah congregation," he said.

Photo caption: The house of the Ahmadiyya congregation in Greneng was repaired.


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