Muslims in Europe facing ‘hostility in everyday life’ – Study


People attend a protest march against Islamophobia, on October26, 2014 in Brussels.
AFP PHOTO /NICOLAS MAETERLINCK / AFP PHOTO / BELGA / NICOLAS MAETERLINCK  The Muslim Times has the best collection to tackle Islamophobia

Source: Middle East Eye

By Chloé Benoist

Islamophobia ‘poisoning EU societies’, warn members of European Parliament at launch of ‘toolkit’ to tackle anti-Muslim prejudice

BRUSSELS – European academics and policy makers came together at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday to launch what they describe as a “toolkit” to tackle Islamophobia across the continent.

The report, based on research in eight countries including the UK, France and Germany, said it had identified a “worsening environment of Islamophobia” in which Muslims faced a “new and acceptable hostility… in many spheres of everyday life”.

“This is an issue that is poisoning our societies in the European Union and putting barriers between our communities,” said Jean Lambert, a Green Party member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing London, during the opening of the conference in Belgium.

Long present across the continent, the report highlights how Islamophobia has been further bolstered in the past decade, tied to the rise of far-right and anti-immigration movements in many European countries, the “War on Terror” both within and outside Europe, and the refugee crisis.

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3 replies

  1. As long as Muslim who live in The West or Europe ignore what happen in KSA and IRAN— do not expect Islamiphobia will treat you nice, and fair.

    The root of convlict in this world to day is KSA and IRAN that treat non Muslim badly, discriminatedly for centuries—
    I urge all Muslim who live outside KSA and Iran let us DEMAND strongly KSA and IRAN to obey HUMAN RIGHT, women’s Right and freedom of religion and expression.

    All love ❤️

  2. Somi
    Please do some research and you would see that Islamophobia is not new in Europe. It started in 8th century when Moores came to Spain and spread during crusades. When he issued his ill-fated call to save Eastern Christendom from the Muslims around A.D. 1090, Pope Urban II unleashed what scholars across religious and ideological divides agree was one of history’s biggest exercises in futility.

    Over the next 200 years, wave after wave of crusading knights wrecked havoc, death and destruction at the end of which, very little was gained.

    The holy city of Jerusalem was eventually recaptured by the Muslims, and experts say the only long-term outcome of the Christian Franks periodically storming the lands east of the Mediterranean Sea was an exacerbation of the suspicions and strife between Christianity and Islam.

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