An Other Way to Introduce Ahmadiyya Islam.

By: Zubair Khan.

Pictures: Mobashar Khan.

Participants involved in disucssion.

On 20.09.2018 in Ahmadiyya Basheer Mosque Bensheim was a special day. Entirely a different approach was opted to introduce the Ahmadiyya Community. Main guests came from a local school which takes care of children with special needs. Executive Board, teachers and parents included the group of school. Accross the ocean was another partner, ISER (Institute of Special Education Rabwah) which participated in the program through live skype chat.


Bensheim School Representatives listening to presentaiton of Rabwah visit.

Almost 2 years back an idea by Mrs Faiza Khan was floated to Bensheim School to examine the partnership with a similar school of Rabwah. After deliberations idea was accepted. Director of Bensheim School along with Mr Adnan Mahmoud representing Ahmadiyya community visited Rabwah. Understanding developed and now both schools are on their way to more closer partnership. Event organised on 20.09.2018 was also an attempt to have mutual discussion for future enlarged cooperation between both the schools.

Bensheim School Chief along with other Teachers.

Participants were adequately briefed that Ahmadiyya community along with spiritual needs also takes care of all other needs of  human beeings. Keen interest in the welfare of children with special needs was a new horizon where community expects to do good job in near future. Two hours program was enjoyed by all with good memories and promises to work more closely for future projects.

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5 replies

    It’s a very good initiative.
    Interactions between Communities which interconnect the Societies promote understanding of humanbeing & abled to know the situation of next door environment, religion, neighbour & people.

    • The problem with such activities is that it is like ‘preaching to the already converted’, meaning that only those attend who already have a feeling of mutual understanding. Those who really should listen do not turn up.

  2. My Question to Rafiq and Aziz Ahmed.

    How many people has you converted to Ahmadiyya every year?

    Can you guarantee those who follow Ahmadiyya his life will be better and can enter Paradise?

    Do you think all Ahmadiyyah Muslims will enter Paradise Hereafter?

    Allah say in Al Quran; only few Muslim can enter Paradise , because they do not be greatful to Allah.

    “”And surely, We gave you authority on the earth and appointed for you therein provisions (for your life). Little thanks do you give. ””7/10

    What do you think?

    All love ❤️

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