Perilous times for Ahmadi Pakistanis

The PTI government is more interested in political manoeuvring, appeasing its allied religious supporters to reclaim seats in the upcoming by-elections, rather than protecting the rights of its citizens

Source: Daily Times

By Imran Ahsan Mirza

The Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan is passing through a perilous period of attention and scorn. There is a relentless campaign by religious extremists, who are bent on harassing and targeting Ahmadis. This is not a new phenomenon for the Ahmadiyya Community, however, in the recent past this drive has intensified many fold.

I am pleased that this newspaper, Daily Times, has covered many such incidents and commendably spoken on the travesty of justice meted out to Ahmadis. On the other hand, a competing Urdu newspaper recently published a paid advertisement by the Ahmadiyya Community, which later, due to sheer bigotry and pressure by religious extreme elements; published an apology for printing it. The advertisement was a customary September 6, Martyrs Day remembrance commemorating the recipients of Nishan-e-Haider, besides various Ahmadi soldiers of the past. The advertisement was clearly a mark of respect. Moreover it was an attempt to show the integration and contributions of Ahmadis, in the past who sacrificed their lives for the cause and defence of Pakistan. The retraction by the Urdu paper is extremely demoralising adding to the destructive mindset prevalent in society.

There is a line from a couplet of Mir Taqi Mir’s Ghazal: “Every corner of the desert becomes green because of my wailing”. Contextually; it plainly means my misery causes happiness. The hatred propagated against Ahmadis causing misery, does satisfy many.

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