Imran Rasul resigns from EAC in protest over Atif Mian’s removal


ISLAMABAD: In less than 24 hours since  the removal of Atif Mian from the newly constituted Economic Advisory Council  (EAC), two  members of the body has resigned in protest.

Atif Mian, an MIT-educated Pakistani-American economics professor at Princeton University, was recently named member of a new economic advisory council.

Hours after government announcement that it has asked Mian to step down, Asim Ijaz Khwaja, a member of the EAC decided to resign on Friday.

A Professor of International Finance and Development at Harvard, Khawja took to Twitter to express his reservations over the government’s decision and announced to quit the panel of advisers .

Hours later, on Saturday morning   Professor of Economics at  University College London Imran Rasul followed the suit.

He said  “With a heavy heart, I have resigned from the EAC this morning. The circumstances in which Atif was asked to step down are ones I profoundly disagree with.”

“I wish the government and EAC luck in their future work, and remain willing to offer non-partisan, evidence based advice that can help improve economic policy making in the country,” he said in string of tweets.

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