Debt-ridden Pak removes illustrious economist for being Ahmadi

Imran Khan

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Source: ANI | Updated: Sep 07, 2018 13:59 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], Sept 07 (ANI): The newly formed Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government has axed economist Atif R Mian from the Prime Minister Imran Khan-led Economic Advisory Council (EAC).

Senator Faisal Javed Khan put out a tweet informing that Dr Mian “was asked to step down from the Advisory council.”

Observers believe the decision to remove the Princeton University economist reflects the country’s strong bias against minority Ahmadi community. Dr Mian is an Ahmadi, whose appointment to the country’s top economic body raised eyebrows of several religio-political leaders, particularly from the Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nabuwwat Movement and the Majlis-i-Ahrar Islam.


Imran Khan and Atif Mian

Ahmadis or Ahmadiyya are a minority sect, which identifies itself as Muslim. But most Pakistanis reject them as blasphemous for believing there was a prophet after Muhammad. The community faces persecution in the country and is a target of violence and widespread discrimination, especially from religious fanatics.

The removal comes close on the heels of PTI-led government defending the academic’s nomination to the EAC, stressing that it will “not bow to extremists”.

According to the Dawn, Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhary had told media persons on Tuesday that “Pakistan belongs as much to minorities as it does to the majority.”

He added, “What should we do with the minorities in the country? Should we throw them out?”

Three days later, Chaudhary took a U-turn. He tweeted, “The government wants to move forward alongside scholars and all social groups, and it is inappropriate if a single nomination creates an impression to the contrary.”

43-year-old Dr Atif R Mian is a Professor of Economics in the University of Princeton, United States.

In an op-ed titled ‘Dr Atif Mian the pride of Pakistan’ Busharat Elahi Jamil writes, “International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranked him (Dr Mian) amongst the top 25 economists of the World. He has taught in reputable universities like the University of Chicago, University of California, Berkeley and now is proudly teaching in the Princeton University.”

The op-ed further mentions, “Pakistan’s external debt and liabilities have increased to $ 92 billion, out of which $14 billion were borrowed last year. Reportedly, public-debt has increased about 43 per cent to $23 billion during last five years.”

Imran Khan’s government constituted the EAC, with 11 national and international economists, to fire-fight this financial crisis.

“He belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, living in US and is a true patriot of Pakistan. But regrettably, fundamentalists and radicalised religious stratums are against his selection because of his sect,” Jamil says in the article. (ANI)


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5 replies

  1. AS I wrote on FB post, this was the first test of PM Imran Khan for INSAFPSANDI. All his claim for INSAF (just N fair) Pakistan is out of the window.
    The fail, gall and buckling under Mullah power is just the beginning. Mark my words, the sane Mullahb will drag Imran from bus those of fame to degradation and shame. Imran has allowed a follower of Hazrat Mirza Sahib the Imam Us Zaman, for the whole world God will it space him for cowardice and not standing for justice. Thus could worsen the situation for Ahnadis.

  2. Pakistan is a Muslim country. It’s name says that. 95% people of Pakistan are Muslims. With their own free will they have chosen shariah law to run their affairs. They claim to have an economic system based on Islam. And yet Pakistan is bankrupt. Just to service their debt they have to borrow money from those who are infidels and condemned.
    Does it make any sense?
    Quran tells us about the leaders and people of Pakistan in the following words, “They are deaf, dumb, and blind. Hence they will not come to the right path. “

  3. As it is not a hidden fact that Pakistan is the main factory of terrorism. It is the country which does not hesitate in shedding the blood of innocents in the name blasphemy , murteed and even in the difference in the interpretation of a word of the holy Qur’an . Pakistani government and moulvies are great threat to the world peace. I am not denying that blood of innocents is shed everywhere but the government , religious leaders and mass consider it as a criminal activity while in Pakistan it is considered as a service to Islam , even lynching is appreciated and murderer is worshipped . Peace of the world is related to the weak economy of Pakistan. The more the economy of Pakistan collapse , the lesser blood will be shed in the name of Islam . The growth of Pakistan’s economy would imply an increase in the terror funding, too. With the credentials Atif mian has , he was sure to take Pakistan’s economy to greater heights. So moulvies need to be thanked for withdrawing the appointment of Atif mian because they saved the innocents.

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