Breaking News: Pakistani PM bows to its Mullahs

Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan. The Muslim Times has the best collection to promote secularism in every country and to overcome the sectarian divide among the Muslims

Pakistan removes minority Ahmadi from economic council

Source: KPVI

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A spokesman says the government of Pakistan’s newly elected prime minister has removed a minority Ahmadi Muslim from a recently set up economic council because of opposition from hard-line Islamists.

The move indicates Prime Minister Imran Khan bowed to religious elements who opposed the appointment of Atif Mian to the Economic Advisory Council because of his faith. Khan set up the council recently to seek guidance for improving the country’s ailing economy.

A spokesman for the Ahmadi sect, Saleem-ud-Din, confirmed Mian’s removal, saying he will be available to the government if his services are sought in future.

Ahmadis are a tiny minority in Pakistan. Their homes and places of worship are often targeted by Sunni militants who consider them heretics. Pakistan declared Ahmadis non-Muslims in 1974.


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PM Imran Khan and Atif Mian

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