Why the World Needs Doctors with These 3 Qualities

aug18-07-89773042-David-Leahy2-1024x576Source: Harvard Business Review

BY Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti

Doctors are sometimes blamed for the ills of the U.S. health care system, but our five-year research project in India and the U.S. revealed the opposite. Almost every high-performing health care organization we studied was led by a medical professional (something that academic research has also found).

What we found, while collecting case studies for our book Reverse Innovation in Health Care, is that these doctors are not just medical experts; they also have other qualities that make them very effective leaders. We call these individuals “doctorpreneurs,” and believe they are key to fixing the problems of the health care industry.

Doctorpreneurs have three important qualities:

  1. Medical excellence: First and foremost, doctorpreneurs are excellent doctors, with first-rate education and training. In professional organizations (consulting firms, universities, law firms), only a person trained in the profession is usually acceptable as a leader, and health care is no exception. Doctorpreneurs have credibility with the organization’s medical professionals, which makes it easier to implement bold or innovative strategies. And because they are first-rate doctors, they never lose sight of quality. But many hospitals, including poorly performing ones, are run by highly qualified doctors. What sets doctorpreneurs apart are two other qualities they bring to the table.

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