Company unveils moving mosque to welcome Muslims in Japan

Source: Associated Press


TOKYO (AP) — A large white and blue truck pulls up outside a stadium in central Japan and slowly expands into a place of worship.

Welcome to the Mobile Mosque.

As Japan prepares to host visitors from around the world for the 2020 Summer Olympics, a Tokyo sports and cultural events company has created a mosque on wheels that its head hopes will make Muslim visitors feel at home.

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Yasuharu Inoue, the CEO of Yasu Project, said the possibility that there might not be enough mosques for Muslim visitors in 2020 is alarming for a country that considers itself part of the international community. His Mobile Mosques could travel to different Olympic venues as needed.

“As an open and hospitable country, we want to share the idea of ‘omotenashi’ (Japanese hospitality) with Muslim people,” he said in a recent interview.

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2 replies

  1. Very smart idea to attack Muslim to come to Japan and spand some money in Japan. It is good for its people.

    Japan people are creative and smart and even they are no Islam or Muslim but God bless them compare to Muslim
    who believe in God.

    So being Islam not guarantee will receive the God’s blessing—as long as they believe in God, God will bless them. Being Islam there is no guarantee from God will enter Heaven or paradise.

    What do you think Rafiq

    All love ❤️

    • What I think? You should have more positive thinking. Allah is Rahman … yes, of course, we have to strive hard …

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