How Trump’s ‘America First’ Attitude Put Britain Second

Source: Time

Chequers might have been an oasis for President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May. The prime minister’s official country estate overlooks rolling fields and is tucked at the end of a maze of wooded one-way roads, more than 40 miles outside London.

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There was no hint of the protests roiling the British capital out in balmy Buckinghamshire, quiet but for the helicopter arrival of Trump and the occasional mooing of cows. Trump and May seemed determined to put on a cheery performance to match the sunny skies, masking the storm that had rolled around them the night before.

Though Trump and May ritualistically affirmed the “special relationship”between the two countries in words and deeds, there was no hiding the tension that has arisen as the U.S. president lobbed unusually harsh criticism at his counterpart and undermined her controversial plan to guide the United Kingdom through Brexit.

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