Pope says walls, occupation and fundamentalism hamper Mideast peace

Source: Reuters

By Philip Pullella

2 replies

  1. From my view the main obstacle of peace is the religious fanaticsm both sides ( or extremist or orthodox) who want to create a religious state.

    Orthodox Jews do not recognise Secular Government ( The current system ) and Orthodox Muslim also do not recognize Israel. Both orthidox want to die for its religion.
    So as long as Both orthodoxs still reject modrenize their religion there is no peace.

    Human Right is the main key to achieve Peace in Muddle East. Why? Because Human Right is written in Bibke and Al Quran.

    Secular Israel government can press the own orthodox community but Palestine cannot press Hamas. That is a huge problem.

    There is no peace until Hamas give up its goal namely to expel Jews from Israel.

    All love ❤️

    • NO ! Israelis stealing Arab / Palestinian land has nothing to do with religious fanatics. OK, may be in the way that the Jews claim the Torah gives them the right to steal the land. In the same way in Arab lands it is the quest for power and not religious beliefs that fuel the fights. I am speaking out of experience of ‘being in it’ for 13 years (2003 – 2016).

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