Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany Excels in spreading the Message of True Islam.

By Zubair Khan

Source: Pictures/Video: Mr Farid Khalid.National Head Tabligh Department AMJ-Germany

Through a campaign to reach all house holds, the Tabligh department of AMJ Germany has undertaken an ambitious program. All the members of German Jamaat including men and women are extensively involved in this effort. In addition to reaching the door steps with fliers,  all other means of social, print and electric media are being utilised to spread the true message of Islam. With cooperation from women sub organisation known as Lajna Imaillah new fliers are being used.  The titles of the fliers read as, My Veil-My Choice-Germany-My Country (Mein KopftuchMein WahlDeutschlandMeine Heimat). We are Germany. (Wir sind Duetschland)
Similarly flier titled, I am a Muslim-Do you have question, (Ich bin eine Muslima-Haben Sie Fragen) is being extensively distributed all over Germany by the female members of AMJ Germany.

Chief Minister of Province of Germany listening in detail the message of True Islam

Couple of days ago a local Jamaat organised a special meeting with Chief Minister of one Province.  This province is famous to have deep influence of AFD (Alternate for Germany) a political party, having strong reservations against Islam and Ahmadiyyat.  However Chief Minister was kind enough to listen in detail the true message of Islam and later was presented useful literature of Ahmadiyya Islam.

Chief Minsiter of Province of Germany being presented useful literature of Ahmadiyya Islam.

Important Note: On this LINK: An extremely effective coverage of TV News about the message of Ahmadiyya Islam.

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