Indonesian youths say religion key to happiness, bucking global trend

The Jakarta Post

By Devina Heriyanto

A survey by the Varkey Foundation found that 93 percent of young Indonesians believed that religious faith was important to happiness, far above the world’s average at 45.3 percent.

This figure bucks the global trend as another survey by Deloitte found more than half of  global youth believed religious leaders brought a negative impact to the world.

Varkey’s survey last year found Indonesians were the happiest, scoring 90 percent on the net happiness score, with world’s average at mere 59.35 percent. The Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey by Varkey involved 20,000 young people in 20 countries.

Generation Z refers to those born between 1995 and 2001, the post-millennial generation. Among others, Indonesia also had the highest level of emotional well-being at 40 percent, with world’s average at 29.95 percent. Young Indonesians did not think about problems too much, did not feel anxious, bullied, lonely, or unloved

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