Denmark’s new burqa ban also covers beards and punishes people for living in ‘ghettoes’ – this isn’t the mark of a secular society

Hijab women

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Source: The Independent

The controversy over burqas, burkinis and beards isn’t really about clothing. It’s about the fear that immigrants might retain their non-Christian identities even while living in Western countries

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  1. Yes, we must look ‘deeper’ behind ‘the veil’, so to speak, to realize what is going on in Europe. There are only a handful of burka-clad-ladies in Denmark and consequently, yes, this law has a deeper meaning and we have to realize it and oppose it and explain it.

  2. To be frank Rafiq I am afraid there is no place for the burqa in Europe. In Muslim countries i.e. those that have Islamic cultures it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear it if they so choose.

    However, Europe is based on a Romano-Christian culture and it is totally normal to see a nun with her head covered, but not individual citizens fully covered from head to foot.

    As for the other points, the ‘fake beard’ issue is a strange one. I am also sure the Danish legislature would not have singled out ‘ghettoes’ without due cause.

    Do you have a direct link to this new legislation?

    • Thanks for your comment. Personally I am not in favor of burka either, I am just in favor of ‘freedom of choice’. (My ladies wear hijab, not burka). But the ‘deeper meaning’ of this article I find interesting and important. I will look for the link …

      • Dear Rafiq—the law should be applied in the context of time.
        When the world is in Peace, no terrorist of jihadith do suicide and kill innocent people—- every one has freedom of express and worship his belief.

        But now-adays , the world is fighting terrorist Muslim. Unfortunately most the women terrorist jihadith wear burqa or hijab—therefore most people are afraid of Muslim women who wear hijab or burqa.

        Can you see my point? When the world become a peaceful to live, no one will care what women wear the cloth.

        Ahmadiyyah live in most Christian countries now, should support Progressive Muslim to promote NOT provoke Christian and Islamophobia with the label “ Islam, Syariah”
        For example: Islamic dress show, Islamic Hijab day, Islamic Bank, Islamic grocery— halal Food, halal Travel, etc etc.

        If Ahmadiyyah and Progressive Muslim can work together to prevent both the Islamophobia and the extremist Muslim GROW in Christian countries it will be cool.

        This is our responsibility to prevent violence to Muslim community. I believd one day, if there is terrorist and suicide bimb to kill innocent people, Government will ban Women to wear Hijab, Halah grocery, halal restaurant, Islamic Bank, Islamic school etc etc.

        All love ❤

      • repetition, repetition … we talked about this already many times. For you your views for us our views. Can we close this discussion now for a while?

  3. Rafiq! What is wrong with repetition of wisdom of God?

    Our youth, children and Muslim communities really need to remind them tirelessly or repeatedly with The true Islamic teaching. Dont you think so!

    All love ❤️

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