PTI condemns desecration of Ahmadi worship place



Attack on Ahmedi place of worship outrageous & unacceptable. PPP @Anny_Marri raised issue in senate & referred to HR committee. Perpetrators must be brought to justice.If a nations greatness is judged on how it treats its weakest members,continuation of such acts embarrass us all


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  1. ‘Worship place’ – how silly does that sound? and even sillier that it is Pakistani lawmakers who prohibit the Ahmadiyya MOSQUE, to be called a MOSQUE. –

  2. PTI condemns desecration of Ahmadi worship place— this is excellent action what Isay many times to Ahmadiyya around the world to condemn the extremist intolerance publicly and do protest on the street peacefully—- do not depand on other parties like Progressive Muslim Pakistan.

    Ahmadiyyah HQ should thank and appreaciate to PTI for their support publicly.

    Another thing we do not see Ahmadiyyah to collect donation from Ahmadiyyah members for the victims in Pakistan and Indonesia. Why they do not do it? They should do it, ahmadiyyah has a lot money. Every month and year Ahmadiyyah collect money from million members. Fantastic a lot money— now time to pay back for
    the victims. Am I wrong? Rafiq, Zia, Riffat?

    Hopefully Pakistan Government will listen PTI to protect the right minority to worship their beliefs.

    All love ❤️
    I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Ramadhan

    • you are right, there are funds. However, there should be some government security guarantee, so that the houses do not get destroyed again and again.

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