Ahmadiyya Ghana Serves the Humanity Through Hospitals

Source: Dr Khan Rafi Sahibzada

Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital Swedru Ghana

It was a festive ceremony to inaugurate modern Maternity Ward in Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital Agona Swedru-Ghana. National Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Ghana and many note ables were present on the occasion. All praised the quality medical services provided by the Ahmadiyya Hospital.

Patients waiting their turn in waiting room of AMH

Doctor Khan Rafi Sahibzada, the medical director of the hospital explained the humble opening of this hospital in year 1971. Gradually it became renowned for its quality services. Now in this Ghanaian region out of 250 this Ahmadiyya Hospital stands at 7th place as per evaluation of Health department.

Admitted patients getting treatment in the hospital

Medical Director Doctor Rafi has outlined guiding lines for the whole staff and daily routine which facilitated the smooth and flawless functioning of this Hospital. Approximately 200 patients visit daily the hospital. Astonishing thing the medical services are available for 24/7 as doctor reside in the hospital premises.
                                                      Medicine Store of AMH
According to Medical Director it is full fledged backing and support of National head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Ghana, Mr Alhaj Muhammad Bin Salih, which has turned this hospital in to a Prestigious Medical unit of the area.
Opening ceremony Video LINK

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  1. It was a pleasure to visit this Hospital on 16th of may 2018. Upkeep, cleanliness and coordial atmophere was very impressive. Keep it up Dr Rafi.

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