Muslim Ahmadiyya Medical Organisation (MAMO) Germany held its National Meeting

By Zubair K Khan

National Head AMJ and Participants of MAMO Meeting

On 14.04.2018 the Muslim Ahmadiyya Medical Organisation (MAMO) held its 4th National Meeting in the Tahir Hall of MKAD building Ewane Khidmat of Baitus Sabuh Frankfurt Germany.. National Head of AMJ Germany chaired the meeting.


                                                   Dr Najam reciting the Holy Quran
After recitation of Holy Quran by Doctor Najam the inspiring address of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the spiritual Head of International Ahmadiyya Community was played on screen. His Holiness delivered this address to the audience of Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association (AMMA) UK in January 2018. The address contained the future working guidelines for the Ahmadiyya Medical Associations spread all over the world. Basing on the guidelines delivered by the Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Community, the German National Head of AMJ, Mr Abdullah Wagishauser elaborated the ways and means to accomplish the tasks assigned to MAMO.

National Head AMJ Germany Mr Abdullah Wagishauser Addressing the Meeting

Participants sharing their experience

Doctor Sarfraz Baloch the President of MAMO presented the activities of the MAMO.  During discussion very interesting experiences were shared by Dr Asim Arif, Dr Obaida and Dr Bhatti. Many Doctors visited Tahir Heart and Fazle Omar Hospital Rabwah-Pakistan and shared their inspiring and motivational experiences with other participants of the meeting.  Few Doctors attended the calls of humanity services in African countries on behalf of Humanity First Germany.

Doctor Ansar Hayat shared his interesting experience of taking over Medical Praxis from an outgoing German Medical practitioners.  How local patients reacted to the change of owner of the Praxis and how the majority of the patients stayed with new Ahmadi owner after having experienced his kind and humanitarian approach.

In his address National Head of AMJ drew the attention of participants doctors to strictly abide by the guidelines given by the Supreme Head of International AMJ. He also drew the attention of Doctors to high moral standards and of high financial sacrifices for the services of Humanity. He emphasised upon the Ahmadi Doctors to become an exemplary member of the society thus paving the way to get more and  more Medical Pr axis being vacated by the outgoing or retiring German Medical practitioners.

Dental Surgeon Muzaffar Bajwa who is the vice President of the MAMO very amicably organised the whole meeting. AMJ National department of Hospitality entertained the participants the whole day with drinks, tea, coffee, snacks and sumptuous lunch.

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