Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan ‘paid woman for silence’

Source: Dawn

The prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, detained in France over rape allegations, paid a woman to stay silent about their relationship in 2015, the Belgian judiciary said. Ramadan, 55, paid the Belgian-Moroccan woman 27,000 euros to stop posting details about their affair online, Luc Hennart, president of the Court of First Instance in Brussels, confirmed to AFP on Wednesday.

The Oxford professor was detained by a French court in February over charges that he raped two Muslim women in France. A third woman has since made further allegations of rape. Ramadan denies all the charges.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    A REMINDER ! Do not put trust on a man! Put trust on God alone!
    This is a proof that there is no cleric who does not make mistake. Tha is why God warn people “ do not believe in cleric, imam, scholar, Syrikh, and Khalifah blindly he will deceive you, believe in Allah word ( Al Quran and Bible).

    There were many bad clerics in the past who brought disaster on his followers.

    Those who follow his clerics or imam blindly he commit idolatry.

    ‘Surely, you and that which you worship ( idol- hadith) beside Allah are destined to be the fuel of hell’ Q.21:98.

    May God Muslim from idolatry Amen

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