Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Kosovo and Croatia cooperate together

By Zubair Khan

Members of AMJ Kosovo listening the presentations

On 30.03.2018 arrived a group of 10 members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat from Kosovo to Croatia. Group traveled by road in 2 cars cruising a long distance for 15 hours. Aim was to exchange working experience by the members of  Kosovo and Croatia jamaats.  On arrival group was welcomed by Croatian AMJ National President and Moballigh Rana Munawwar and his team.  Guests were accommodated in nearby hostel acquired for the purpose. Saturday and Sunday were exhaustive programs including seminars, presentation, discussions and lectures.  Group was also taken to great scientist Tesla Nicola exhibition currently touring Zagreb. Nearby historical and attractive city Samobor was also visited by the guests.
Mr Sead Mulabegovic, Croatian Humanity First focal person  gave detailed briefing about the Humanitarian projects executed in Croatia during last four years. All visiting members were highly impressed about the quantum of work done in Croatia by Humanity First. Madam Nasiha Mulabegovic narrated details of her spiritual journey to Qadian, Ludhiana and Hushiarpur She also mentioned details of her visit to few other places of India.
AMJ Kosovo National General Secretary Mr Valdon Mustafa  gave a very impressive presentation on history, progress and working of the AMJ- Kosovo. National President and Moballigh Mr Jinahuddin Saif also very effectively contributed to high light the working of AMJ Kosovo.  Humbleness and spiritual elegance were the hall marks of each visiting member. Love for the Khalifa of Jamaat, narration prayer acceptance events by Mr Mustafa were extremely inspiring and moving.
National President and Moballigh of AMJ Croatia Mr Rana Munawwar presented the Tabligh work being carried out in his country.  Mr Zubair Khan who served AMJ Croatia for few years also assisted him to elaborate certain activities and events.
 On conclusion of the program National President AMJ Kosovo presented a beautiful shield to National President AMJ Croatia as well to Mr Z Khan as remembrance token.

Presenting token of remembrance

While expressing thanks and gratitude it was high lighted that such events bring mutual harmony and increase understanding between members of Ahmadiyya Jamaat coming from different countries, cultures and back grounds.
In order to make the event successful, Mr Misel, Mr Aissa Reg, Mr Kaleemullah Malhi, Mr Yasser and Mr Siako Balde extended full help and cooperation. Allah Almighty may bless all for their selfless and devoted work.  Amin.

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  1. Mashallah. I was there at the ‘birth’ of the Kosovo Jama’at. Nice to see how it is progressing !!!

    • Yes I also remember. We used to talk on phone when you were working for UN. While presenting history you were also mentioned. Allah bless you. Amin. Now the sapling has grown up as strong tree. With 3 mission houses in 3 cities all is progressing. Mashallah.

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