‘Integration for us is integration for everyone,’ UK Muslims say

Muslim Council of Britain reframes discussion on integration with new report on Islam and British society.

British Muslims line up each day for Al-Asr, or afternoon prayer, at a mosque in East London [Gallo-Getty]
British Muslims line up each day for Al-Asr, or afternoon prayer, at a mosque in East London [Gallo-Getty]

David Cameron, former UK prime minister, said “integration is a two-way street” after staying with a Muslim family more than a decade ago.

However, the street has since narrowed to one-way traffic. Integration has become a term applied only to Muslims, according to a new report by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) titled, Our Shared British Future- Muslims and Integration in the UK.

The report, presented in Parliament on Wednesday, features 30 diverse voices from the Muslim community and calls for equal integration for all, with no special burden placed on Muslim communities.

“If any integration policy is to succeed, as the government plans to do in 2018, it needs to be inclusive,” Harun Khan, MCB’s secretary-general, wrote in the report.

“The same goes for ‘British values’, a relatively new term coined after concerns of extremism. Many are worried that such values have been conceived in a knee-jerk fashion because some people are considered ‘not quite British enough’ and therefore must be subject to a civilising mission,” Khan continued.

In the report, MCB – the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body of more than 500 affiliated organisations, mosques, charities and schools – proposes steps to tackle real challenges to integration that Muslims face such as racism, threats by far-right groups, fair access to employment, housing shortages, and isolation.

More than two million Muslims live in the UK, and account for about 4.8 percent of the population in England and Wales.

Despite claims to the contrary, Muslim communities have become less segregated, according to the latest census, the report noted.

MORE:   https://www.aljazeera.com/news/europe/2018/03/integration-uk-muslims-180313170326474.html

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    I am Progresive Muslim want to urge all Muslim who live in the West, majority Christian to integrate or adapt the culture of the land, where fo you live. It does not mean you change your religion. You can perform your belief but NOT in public, NOT promote your religion in public.
    Such as: syariah state, syariah school, syariah food, syariah dress, syariah marriage , syariah Bank, Syariah language ( Arab) etc

    As long as Muslim do not perform all staffs , you have integrated to culture of the land. It is simple.


    • Somi, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community believes that state and church (shariah) should be separate and that I believe that too. And I agree with you that this cannot be implemented in any of these countries. But we should have the freedom of speech and freedom of choice of religion. Otherwise we are slaves and prisoners. As a human same rights should be extended to all the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, ethicists, Muslims, Hindus, sikhs, and so on. All all human and all should have the right to practice their faith without restrictions or feeling threatened or fearing for their life .

    • Somi,

      We have freedom of religion, in which we are able to express our religion in public and privately. It is something we choose to do and we are happy about it. We like to wear our hijab, it’s a choice. We don’t want to blend in and I believe that everyone should respect this.

  2. Riffat—- yes we have the same boat of secular system— we have the boat of the freedom of religion and expression and speech— we have the same boat of promoting peaceful Islam — we have the same boat of tolerance— right? — it is cool.

    But we still have differences how to implement Syariah law.

    If I am not mistake— Ahmadiyyah still follow the extremist interpretation— follow the 15 centuries law such as: beheading, flogging—Burqa or hijab—segregation, usury, polygamy, inherintance, halal food in public school, hakal grocery— halal restaurant—pray on the street—loudspeaker—etc.

    I never heart that Ahmadiyyah to REJECT the extremist Clerucs interpretation like above.
    Progressive Muslim clearly reject the extremist Muslim’s interpretation of Islam.

    I want to hear from Ahmadiyyah in thr fucture where Ahmadiyya stand for above issue.
    Either stand for the extremist interpretation or Progressive interpretation.

    What do you say Riffat

    • Now this is my personal view. I am not a Mufti for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

      Can you please show us one example of Ahmadiyya literature where we promote beheading and flogging? If you cannot then please STOP mentioning it. Regarding Hijab I think we exchanged sufficient views, so you can stop that for a while too. Same about polygamy and inheritance. Halal food in public schools, it is very great that the host country shows consideration for the new citizens. May Allah bless the school authorities who kindly facilitate halal food in schools. Loudspeakers, Ahmadiyya Mosques in the West do not have them, although I wish they had !

      Why not mention some difference in Sharia law in relation to murder. In Sharia law the family of the murdered person can FORGIVE the murderer. This does not exist in Christian / Western Laws. In Western Countries the victims are ignored. In Sharia the victims have a say in the matter. Beautiful, is it not?

    • This is same old, broken record, Somi, seems to me you can write English but you don’t understand it. No use replying since you will ask the same question again.

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