Saudi appoints first female deputy minister of labour

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, reshuffled some of the Kingdom’s top military officers and several deputy ministers on Monday in a broad shakeup seen as elevating younger officials in key economic and security areas.

Several new deputies in economic and security-related ministries as well as a handful of new city mayors were appointed, including Dr.Tamader bint Youssef Al Rammah as  deputy minister of labour and social development for social development, a rare senior post for a woman in the Kingdom, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said in a statement.

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    Another a good news after Saudi Government allowed women to drive— then allowed women do not wear abaya—now Saudi allow women to have a hight possion in Government office.

    Hopefully Saudi Government give women the full right of freedom as male have.

    Hopefull Saudi government reform the ancient punishment in public such as beheading, flogging etc

    Hopefully Saudi government allow non Islam religion to build their own church and temple as well Ahmadiyyah.

    Hopefully Saudi government forbid polygamy that cause ;

    5 Divorces Every Hour In Saudi Arabia
    RIYADH: Divorce in the Kingdom happens at the rate of 127 cases per day, or about five cases every hour.
    This has been revealed in a report by the General Authority of Statistics.
    According to the report, more than 157,000 marriages were recorded in the courts over the past year, while over 46,000 divorce cases were recorded during the same period.
    The report stated, however, that last year the number of divorces recorded a decline from the year before, which saw more than 54,000 cases of divorce. The Eastern Province and Tabuk recorded the highest divorce rates last year — 36.7 percent and 36.1 percent respectively. In Riyadh, the divorce rate was recorded at 31 percent, while Jazan witnessed 17.9 percent.
    The chairperson of the Board of Directors of Mawadah Charitable Organization, Princess Sarah bint Musaed, recently revealed that a quarter of marriages in Saudi Arabia end in divorce, noting that 60 percent of divorce cases occur in the first year of marriage.

    All. ❤️
    Please do not erase it. Thank you

    • A quarter of all marriages? Is that not similar to elsewhere? (in countries without polygamy either). In the ‘West’ the statistics do not give the full picture because we may know the number of marriages, but we do not hear of the number of ‘partnerships’, that the couple thought will last, and it did not.

  2. 5 Divorces Every Hour In Saudi Arabia
    RIYADH: Divorce in the Kingdom happens at the rate of 127 cases per day, or about five cases every hour.==

    Why this bad thing happen in Islamic law in Saudi Arabia?

    This is my thought
    1. Because of polygamy—a husband cannot afford in term of finacial, the living cost is getting higher and higher..

    2. Because a girl does not have right to choose her husband.

    3. Because a man does not know well his candidate wife in term of the phisic of girl and behavior. Girl aleays be covered the whole body ( wear burqa) and never has a chance to have date with girl.

    What do you think Raffiq, Riffat and Zia?

    • I think you are assuming without knowing what are the real causes in Saudi Arabia. – Divorces have been rising everywhere and in all societies. George Friedman, in his book: wrote an interesting thing: (not word by word, just as I recall it): Divorces rise in all countries and cultures and the trend will continue. Reasons are that in ‘the good old days’ the ladies were busy rising the children, 9, 10, 11, 12 and more. They had no time to reflect whether they are ‘satisfied’ with their husband. Now ladies marry later, are more educated, have their own careers. At the smallest disagreement the lady can say: ‘I do not really need you’. One or two children keep the mothers busy just 5 or 6 years, then the kids are off to school and the mums can reflect on their own situation again. ‘ Something like that. In Saudi Arabia it is probably not poverty that is the cause, but the opposite. The ladies and their family ‘back home’ have enough funds and ‘can manage’ without the husband, if he proves not to be perfectly suitable.

      • Interesting book, by the way. Strangely George Friedman, being Jewish, omits to give us what he thinks might be Israel’s future (if any).

      • Rafiq— wrote– Divorces have been rising everywhere and in all societies. ==

        Other countries are not Islamic teaching—Mosr Islamic clerics claim that Islamic law is the best regarding marriage—but unfortunately not.
        Every 1 hour 5 divorced ! It us not good at all, very sad for girl. You do not feel the same?

        Suppose it happens with your daughter, after one year she got divorced because you do not let her to have a date with her candidate husband before she get marry.

        What is your respond?


      • Reasons for divorce vary, but having a date is no guarantee that there will not be a divorce. (One guy I knew lived with his girl friend for 15 years, got married and divorced 6 months later).

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