Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn’t read its lessons on violence

Source: Independent

By Qasim Rashid

The permission given in Quran 22:40-41 to fight in self-defence was not only granted to defend Muslims from persecution, but to defend Christians, Jews and people of all faiths from acts of terror like those committed by Isis today


People gather in memorial next to the Ahlens department store following the attack in central Stockholm on Friday Reuters/Gideon Malherbe

Only two groups in our society promote the “Quran teaches terrorism” myth: anti-Muslim pundits and Isis extremists. Both are wrong.

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    Many verses in Al Quran have more than 1 interpretation, that confuse and cause problem among Muslim and then create many setcs of Islam, conflict and then create terrorist. The true law should one meaning?

    For example:
    Ahmadiyyah interprete a verse in Al Quran that there us a prophet will come after prophet Muhammad pbuh, but the established Muslim believe there is not prophet come after Muhammad pbuh, Muhammad was a last prophet.
    The result of this different interpretation create conflict and persecute Ahmadiyyah.
    My view I believe a new Prophet will come without new teaching or new teaching— up To God alone. God know every thing what is necessary or not.

    Part A. Yes, Islamic teaching Create Peace, Mercy, Tolerance, Happiness, and Prosperity.

    Fortunately, there are 3 sect of Islam have been promoting a peaceful Islam : Sufi, Ahmadiyyah and Progressive Islam.

    Part B. Yes, Islamic Teaching also Create Violence, Intolerance, Disaster, Poverty and Warfare.
    Unfortunately the Extremist wahhabi— Salafi have been spreading the hate teaching for centuries to the world, like Al Qaida, Taliban, Isis, Bako Haram and Jihadith.

    Wahhabi Extremist doctrine:
    Wahhabism considers the Western world and people from other religions Jahiliya (ignorant) and believes that fighting against them will lead one to Allah (God) because, according to Wahhabism, only Islamic law can ensure a just society.

    Unfortunately, the extremist Muslim ( Isis, Al Qaida and Taliban etc ) implement violent verses ( Ahmadiyya say: 600 verses for “defensive ” at war time of Prophet Muhammad).
    The extremist Muslim carry out the violent verses ( or defensive verses ) in Al Quran because they think that as long as Christian and Jews reject Prophet Muhammad as last prophet and reject Islam, Muslim is still in war against Jews and Christian. Muslim obligate to fight Jews and Christian until they accept Islam and Muhammad their messenger. From the ancient time, the extremist clerics or parents teach their children, grandchildren hatred toward Jews and Christian communities till this day. They are following the Sunnah ( false Hadith ) as following;
    From Al Quran.
    O Prophet, carry out Jihad (struggle) against the disbelievers and hypocrites, and be strict with them. And their abode is Jahannam (Hell), and it is an evil terminus. Q.9:73.

    From false Hadith.
    Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah”
    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”
    As long as Jews and Christian live in Arab’s soil the extremist will kill them.

    The reason why Osma Bin Laden -Al Qaida attacked USA ( 9/11-2001, 3000 thousand innocent people died) because there were a base / station of thousand USA Army in the soil of Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

    So how to solve this Problem without reformation of Islam?
    The law for public must have one interpretation and one meaning—
    If a law has 2 interpretation or 2 meaning make people confuse and mislead people to the wrong direction. The extremist wahhabi-Salafi clerics have been misleading Muslim to the wrong direction. Very sad, pity and heartbreaking indeed.

    May God guide the extremist clerics to right path, Amern

    Was Salam—With ❤️
    Please do not delate it. My respond is to educate the young Muslim not to join the extremist Group of Islam.

    • Somi the article provides proof, hard evidence and reference to support its argument and yet you bring Hadith into it. You’re like a broken record, the article is about the holy Quran, and btw jihad had many ways besides slaughter.

      The article, awesome and epic. I’m lovin it. We need more of this to show the Islam is in every way a religion of peace and the fear and hate that is being spread is by people like Somi, who refuse to open their minds and hearts.

    • When they see the fact on the ground, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at shows them the real picture of Islam and the real solution.

  2. Rafiq —as I say many times that there are 3 sect of Islam have been promoting a peaceful Islam : Sufi, Ahmadiyyah and Progressive Islam. I am agree the Fact of Ahmadiyya.

    1. I doubt it that Sufi and Ahmadiyya will be able to achieve their goal to defeat the extremist Islam. Sufi and Ahmadiyya have been struggling most 100 years. The result is not sutisfied at all. The world is getting worse.

    2. I doubt it that most Ahmadiyya and Sufi’s clerics do not follow the Sunnah ( prophet Muhmmad) how to EARN MONEY for living—-whereas we claim that Prophet Muhamnad pbuh as role model how to live— how to earn money for living— how to spread the praceful Islam—-etc—-unfortunately others religion follow our prophet to earn money for living.

    3. I doubt it Sufi and Ahmadiyya still follow the old interpretation of Islam like Saudi Arabia and Iran does.

    That what I am concerning about Sufi and Ahmadiyya.
    But I support strongly Sufi and Ahmadiyya to promote a peaceful Islam to the world.

    What is your thought?

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