‘Atheist Muslim’ says bigoted Donald Trump supporters have hijacked debate on Islam

Source: Independent

By Greg Wilford

A self-styled “atheist Muslim” author says liberals have stifled criticism of Islam and allowed Donald Trump supporters to hijack debate about the religion from “a position of xenophobia and bigotry”.

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  1. Rabyan— thank you for bring out a excrlkent topic in Islam today. I would like to comment but I am afraid will be erased or delated. Let pray hopefully not!

    ==Mr Rizvi agreed that political, economic and social factors have contributed to violence in the Muslim world, but added that the Quran contains some violent passages that “completely fit” the actions of Isis.

    “Islam is neither a religion of war nor a religion of peace. It’s just a religion, like any other religion,” he added.===

    I agree with him what he described Al Quran as above.

    Furtunately Ahmadiyyah, Sufi and Progressive Muslim have been promoting a peaceful religion of Islam that REFER to peaceful verses in Al Quran and Hadith in this world.

    Ahmadiyyah, Sufi and Progressive Muslim follow the peaceful verses. Islam is really a religion of peace and mercy for mankind—-

  2. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    This is a excellent topic for discuss. I agree with writter that Islamic teaching usualy clamed is a religion of peace but we see on the ground is opposite— conflict without ending in Islamic countries, specially in Middle East. There is something wrong with Islamic teaching in 21th century. Muslim really need to investigate what is wrong with Islam after 1430 years the death of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.
    Was Salam —With ❤️

    • you continue to ignore outside interference. It is not only Muslims killing Muslims (yes, this is true also), but non-Muslims interfering in the power vacuum which they have created.

      • Remember Rafiq! If Islamic countries are strong enough, prosperity, no one country can interfer. But because poverty and conflict among Muslim each side ask help from outside. That is why USA and Rusia get involve in conflict. Hopefully you will get it

      • agree actually. no country can be considered independent if it cannot look after itself. Even cash is not sufficient, ask Col Ghaddafi.

  3. Do you believe in God’s word? Rafiq.
    God say: Those who live in wealth became a boss, but those who live in poverty became slave of rich man.—

    Whereas our prophet was a rich prophet.,He was a role model of mankind. To become a rich has to earn money from self employee— or as a Boss.

    Unfortunately most Islamic clerics did not follow the sunnah— they say — we are the true follower of Prophet— but they are hypocrite—that is why Muslim live in poverty generally.
    We should blame Islamic clerics who hypocrite.
    May God guide us all the true path Amen

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