Istanbul court issues restraining order against televangelist Adnan Oktar after father’s application

The Muslim Times Chief Editor’s comment: We are sorry to share this picture in the Muslim Times, but a picture is worth a thousand words and quickly exposes the cult leader.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency

Istanbul court issues restraining order against televangelist Adnan Oktar after father’s applicationAn Istanbul court has issued a temporary restraining order against controversial TV personality Adnan Oktar and Gülperi Koçak, the mother of two young women, after a father claimed his two daughters were “forced” to be on Oktar’s program.

The Istanbul Anatolian 20th Family Court ruled for Oktar, known abroad as Harun Yahya, and Koçak to stay away from the 19-year-old and 17-year-old women for six months.

The court ruling came after the father, who lives in Austria, had not heard from his two daughters for a long time. The young women were then spotted on Oktar’s show.

Adnan, who has been described as the “most notorious cult leader in Turkey,” credits himself as a creationist and has written numerous books on the subject. On his TV program, he sits around with a group of plastic surgery-enhanced women, who he refers to as his “kittens,” discussing religion and social incidents.

The women’s father, Elvan Koçak, filed an application to the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office, after which the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into Oktar and Gülperi on charges of “deprivation of liberty.” The investigation file was then sent to the Istanbul 20th Family Court, as a result of which a restraining order was issued for the two young women in Oktar’s entourage for a period of six months.

The Istanbul Family Court also banned Oktar and Gülperi Koçak from making any remarks that involve “threats, insults, contempt or humiliation” against the father, as well as the two young women in question. The court also granted custody of the 17-year-old to the father, giving the mother permission to contact their daughters only on Sundays.

If Oktar or the mother violate any of the aforementioned decisions, they will be jailed for three to 10 days, the court ruled.

Before the restraining order was issued, the mother shared a photo on her social media account, saying she had custody over her daughters.

“My daughters are free with me. No one has forced my daughters to do anything. The court in Austria has given me custody,” she wrote in the caption.


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8 replies

    • Rafiq— Are you judging Harun Yahya belief in Islam?
      Please do not judge him—let him free to interpretation of Islam as well Ahmadiyyah did.
      Are you with me?

      • Somi, do you think it is quite appropriate to give lectures on Islam while surrounded by Bikini-clad young ladies?

  1. From view of your and mine are different with Harun Yahya-

    He say, Islam is beautiful we have to show the beautiful thing to the world as God created ss long as we honor women rightly. In Heaven We can see many beautiful virgin girls.

    Differently The extremist Cleric wahhabi women have to cover the whole body— no one can see the beauty of woman, except family.

    Let God judge our interpretation in order we can live in peace.

    Rafiq— do not follow the extremist wahhabi intolerant who judge Ahmadiyyah and persecute if ahmadiyyah do not stop belief MGA as prophet.


    • ha ha ha … here you are overdoing yourself. Burka is one thing, yes, we can call it extreme, but Bikini clad ladies, I thought even for you it might be going to far. Apparently not. Ok, no Burka, but decent clothing is not extreme.

      • Rafiq—Islam teaching is not only cloth of women. The most important what good deeds we can contribute to society— like Oprah,

  2. Allah has said in Holy Quran and Bible that no one always true on other word no one is perfect even prophets, exccept prophet Jesus was Holy prophet.

    Harun Yahya is a man, he can make a mistake of interpretation of Islam as well MGA too.

    So Allah has warned people:
    Do put your trust on a man, put your trust on Allah alone ( Holy book ).
    So those who believe in Harun Yahya or MGA blindly will be deceieved with wrong teaching. So be careful with Clerics or Imam, or Syekh or Khalifah etc.

    All our love ❤️

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