Advertising Standards Authority assesses dozens of complaints over ‘Messiah has come’ billboards

Source: Christian Today

By Harry Farley

Dozens of complaints have been launched over an Islamic advertising campaign claiming the ‘Messiah has come’.

Launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a heavily persecuted minority Muslim sect, a series of billboards in London, Manchester and Glasgow aim to promote the idea, considered heretical by mainstream Islam, that the Messiah promised in the Qur’an has already come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Messiah has come
The True Islam campaign said the billboard aims to educate the public on the beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles on the theme of interfaith tolerance and free speech

But the campaign has prompted outrage from Christians, Muslims and Jews who all have notions of a ‘messiah’ in their beliefs and find the billboards offensive.

The Advertising Standards Authority confirmed to Christian Today it has received 33 complaints so far about the adverts. A spokesman said people have claimed the post is ‘misleading because they believe it is not consistent with the teachings of the Quran’.

He said: ‘Due to the perceived misrepresentation of Muslim beliefs, complainants also consider the ad offensive on this basis.’

The ASA is assessing the complaints and will make a ruling this week as to whether there are grounds for further investigation.

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11 replies

  1. I do not agree that kind of ad of Islam. I believe this ad will be removed soon, this is provocative act.
    What do you think! Agree or not agree.
    My religion is not a kind of thing for sale.
    Do not misuse the freedom of expression. Will be backlashed!
    All ❤

  2. Come on ST. Until today Jews did not recognise Jesus Christ pbuh.. Well it did not matter to Christians or Muslims. Christians did not recognise prophet of Islam pbuh. It does not bother Muslims. Many other religions exist in the world and they do not recognise many religious entities. So let Ahmadi to express coming of awaited one and let others keep on waiting. Where is the problem?

    • Zubair Khan—- when Jesus came, most Moses followers rejected and persecuted Jesus and his followers

      When Prophet Muhammaf came, Jesus and Moses followers rejected and persecuted

      Those who rejected and commited petsecuting were the extremist intolerant groups. God condemn them

      When MGA came, Prophet Muhammad followers ( the extremist Muslim intolerant) reject and persecute Ahmadiyyah.

      Jews, Christian and Muslim are not the same, the progressive Jews, Christian and Muslim accept if there is someone declare I am Prophet or Messhiah or what ever he claim,,
      So progressive Muslim accept and respect other belief.
      That is the core of Islamic teaching that we understood.
      Unfortunately the extremist ( Jews, Christian , and Muslim) REJECT and condemn a new prophet.

      Hopefully Ahmadiyyah understand where our possion in this case.
      Work harder and harder and strive to promote Peaceful Islam to the world while fighting the extremist ideology of Islam
      Are you with me!?

      All love❤️

  3. other people who are awaiting messiah they should put a counter bill board; ” messiah please come we are waiting. or they can put another bill board; ” Messiah has not come” so forth and so forth. there should be no complains. it is not at all offensive. there are million others offensive bill board why they are complaining about this. It is all stemming from the fact that it was erected by Ahamdies

  4. From Progressive Muslim view.
    If a religion put bill-board on public place will create conflict—religion is a sensitive thing—other religion will do the same— or extremist ads.

    I do not agree religion for sale—to spread religion in 21 th century with spreading an excellent behaviour and excellent deeds— will benefits to others.


      • Rafiq— to pass the messege should be wise. !

        No wonder the extremist Muslim hate and persecute Ahmadiyyah because of the way ahmadiyyah pass the message.
        This is a big mistake Rafiq.

        Progressive Muslim want to protect the right of Ahmadiyyah to practice their belief every country.
        But if Ahmadiyyah put the BILL BOARD on public, The problem will be getting worse and worse. More ahmadiyyah will be persecuted, it is not good at all.
        I strongly suggest to remove it.

        From your friend Progressive Muslim
        All ❤️

  5. I am inspired by the following news:

    “How does a middle-aged, white Scottish man living in the Scottish Highlands end up becoming a Muslim – especially when he hasn’t properly met a Muslim in his life?
    For me, it all started when I heard the call to prayer from a local mosque while on a beach holiday in Turkey. It woke something up inside me, and inspired me to begin a spiritual quest.”

    So regarding the bill board, be positive, may be it also inspires you to begin a spiritual quest to search for the truth. After all every one is at least waiting for “Promised Messiah” and IF you find the truth, what a fortune. I suggest be positive search/ pray to Allah for guidance.

  6. There is nothing offensive in this advertisement. People have become very thin skinned these days and get offended by anything they don’t approve of. There is just a statement on the bill board, you don’t have to agree with it.

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