Princess Haya highlights UAE’s aid to Angola


Princess Haya bint Hussein

DUBAI: Princess Haya bint Hussein’s support for humanitarian causes is widely recognized. The princess — wife of Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum and daughter of Jordan’s late King Hussein — is currently drawing attention to the need for aid in Angola.

As highlighted in “Emirates Woman” magazine, Princess Haya posted images of a cargo plane full of aid bound for the African nation on Instagram on Thursday.
“The aid will provide essential equipment and support to those who need it most,” Princess Haya wrote. “The emergency airlift is a symbol of #UAE’s commitment to int’l humanitarian assistance and represents the first phase of an AED 8 million medical and logistics relief program from the UAE to support the humanitarian situation in #Angola.”
The UAE is reportedly ranked as the most charitable country in terms of foreign aid versus national wealth.

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  1. There are often comments in ‘the West’ that ‘we’ provide a lot of aid and the Arabs do nothing. That is of course not correct, as this article shows.

    (what I do not count is Saudi Humanitarian Aid to Yemen, they are the ones destroying the country and making the aid essential in the first place. Better not to supply aid and not to destroy the country).

    (also I never understood why Qatar had to support the anti-Ghaddafi elements in Libya. What did Ghaddafi do to annoy them? Or did Qatar just the bidding of Hillary Clinton? (most likely).

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