Imam Ghazali and the 2nd Amendment

Freedom of conscience cannot be denied under Islam and ijmah cannot be enforced on an individual

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  1. My comment as Reminder!
    God already warn people: Do not trust your faith on ahle sunnah ( majority imam) you will be decieved it.

    ==His answer was that while there is a consensus amongst the Ahle-Sunnah that there would be no prophets after the Holy Prophet (PBUH),==

    Ahmadiyyah has tried to interprete a verse of Al Quran differently, where there is a prophet after Holy Prophet ( PUH).

    For me it is cool, we cannot trust to majority ahle sunnah ( wahhabi frim Arab)..we have to trust on God or Al Quran and then we try to understand God’s law. If we made a mistake, God know it God will forgive you

    But if you trust blindly on ahle sunnah as mojority— and if ahle sunnah made a mistake, you will go astray too. Go to Hell— Ahle sunnah cannot help you on the day of judgement.

    My point is: Dont trust blindly on ahle Sunnah even they are mojority, you will be fall into sinful SYRICK. Place your trust only God ( Al Quran) God will love you and will forgive your sin— is it cool?

    All ❤️

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