Religious, cultural diversity must be respected by all, says Muslim World League chief


Mohammed Abdul Karim Al-Issa. (REUTERS)

JEDDAH: We live in a world that lacks awareness, neutrality, initiative and cooperation, the secretary-general of the Muslim World League (MWL), Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, said when he met with US counter-extremism officials in Washington on Monday.

The answer, he said, lies in the true values of Islam, which call for coexistence, tolerance and peace.
Douglas Padgett, senior policy adviser for countering violent extremism at the US State Department, and other advisers attended the meeting.
They discussed many issues related to combating extremism, violence and hatred committed in the name of religion, as well as the phenomenon of Islamophobia.
Al-Issa explained that the MWL is concerned with shedding light on the true values of Islam, which have nothing to do with terrorism or extremism.
“The MWL is also on a mission to raise awareness about diversity and differences, promote love and happiness for all, and explain the truth of suspicions surrounding some concepts, whether these were caused by people inside or outside the Islamic world,” he said.
He stressed that “Islam has guaranteed legitimate freedoms, which should at the same time respect and abide by constitutions and laws. Otherwise, they would be infringing the freedoms of nations.
“Religious, intellectual, and cultural diversity and differences are universal facts that must be accepted by all,” he added. “By doing so, we reflect a high level of awareness and respect for everyone’s rights and freedoms.”
The MWL chief also pointed out that passion should be directed toward religious, intellectual, and cultural convictions that form identities and civilizations, especially when guided by the wisdom and awareness of influencers and religious leaders.

3 replies

  1. Ah ! I am sure you will start in Saudi Arabia! Have you arranged for permits for the construction of Christian Churches and Ahmadiyya Mosques yet? (and of course permission for all Ahmadis, including Pakistanis, to come for Haj?)

    • Hopefully Rafiq— the world of Islamic countries will changed and reformed soon under young King Sulman.
      Pray for that!
      If Saudi Arabia start to permit to build a church and accept ahmadiyyah as Islam, all Islamic countries from Gulf to Pakistan will follow Saudi insya Allah.

      I am a little bit of doubt it is just lip service to please USA and The Westren Countries

      All ❤️

  2. Human Right is the Core of Islamic teaching from God, Creator. Those who does not obey human right are unbeliever. If Saudi really want to obey Human Right, women’s right and justice for all, I strongly believe that all Islamic countries will follow Saudi from Indonesia to Africa. The extremist Muslim ideology, intolerance and violence will be defeated, the world will be better place to live for global society without the extremist. May God give the strength to Saudi Arabia to reform and to obey Human Right and justice for all. Amen
    Was Salam❤️

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