Canada closes the door on polygamous immigrants

OTTAWA: Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has unveiled plans to ban entry to migrants who practice polygamy and what he termed “barbaric cultural practices.”
The move follows a spate of so-called “honor” killings over the past decade involving immigrant families from the Middle East and South Asia.
“We are strengthening our laws to protect Canadians and newcomers to Canada from barbaric cultural practices,” Alexander said in a statement.
“We are sending a strong message to those in Canada and those who wish to come to Canada that we will not tolerate cultural traditions in Canada that deprive individuals of their human rights.”
The sweeping changes to Canada’s immigration act would also prohibit forced marriages, set a minimum age for marriage at 16 and limit possible defenses in “honor” killings and many spousal murders.
In “honor” killings, carried out to protect what is seen as family pride, reasons for disapproval can include having relationships outside of one’s caste or religion.
In May, a court ordered the mother and uncle of a Canadian woman allegedly killed overseas over her secret marriage to a poor rickshaw driver to be extradited to India to face prosecution for murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the 14-year-old case.
In another case, the father and brother of a 16-year-old girl pleaded guilty in 2010 to murdering her for disobeying her father, including refusing to wear a hijab. The family had immigrated from Pakistan.

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  1. How silly (wanted to use a stronger word, but …) to use ‘polygamy’ and ‘honor killing’ practically in the same sentence. Honor killing is of course a crime. Murder is murder. In polygamy instead of ‘kicking out’ (divorcing) the old lady we keep honoring her and keep looking after her when we marry a second wife. – US immigration officers (years back, during my time in Iraq) used to ‘unofficially’ advice potential polygamous immigrants that ‘you need to make separate immigration requests. Once you are in the USA no body stops you to live together as you like’. Ah well, bureaucrats …

  2. Rafiq—if you want to know the feeling of children and wife, ask directly to the children, do the children feel happy when their Dad marry with other woman?

    They will answer you Rafiq —No -No..

    Polygamy is the ancient or primitive lifestyle
    It is not relevant to modren time any more. Rafiq!

    All ❤️

    • what about all the children of divorced parents? No children like the parents to divorce. Yes, my children do not like my polygamy, however, they prefer it to divorce.

      • You have done it— it is Ok— you have experience know.
        Please do not promote polygamy to others—God prefer one wife to polygamy, it is very clear— unfortunately clerics who want more wife he twist the interpretation of verse of polygamy. He is hypocrite.


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