USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosts Interfaith meeting in Fazal-e-Umar Mosque in Dayton

“If We all fallow the teachings of our own religion, peace will be achieved” said Imam Shamshad of Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

Report by Dr Abdul Qudoos Shahid, Dayton, Ohio.


In accordance with MLK activities in January, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Dayton Ohio collaborated with local Jewish & Christian Communities to hold an interfaith event centered around the philosophy of Dr. King as is reflected in Judaism, Christianity & Islam.

A similar event was held in 2017 as well on the same theme and with the same community partners.


Hon. Judge Walter Rice (federal judge) was the chair person fOr this interfaith dialogue.


President of Dayton Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dr Qudoos Shahid welcomed all the speakers, guests and explained the purpose of the gathering.


Rabbi Joshua Ginsberg of Beth Abraham Synagogue was the first speaker and Rev Dr. Richard Baker of the Westminster Presbyterian Church was the second speaker who from their book and church policy mentioned about the social activities and giving helping hands to the needy people of the town.


The third speaker was Imam Shamshad Nasir who represented the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in a gathering of around one hundred people held at the Fazl-e-Umar Mosque 637 Randolph St, in Dayton Ohio this year.


Key points of his speech were that whilst all religions have a beautiful message it is really the action on this message that is lacking. He urged the audience to follow their teachings and engaged the audience with powerful personal stories. He presented Islamic teachings while answering a wide variety of questions ranging from sexual orientation, to salvation, to solutions to social ills and how to motivate people to good deeds.

He also presented the guest speakers and the moderator of the program with a gift of the book Life of Muhammad on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Dayton.

One of the guest Ms Sue Sutton said after the meeting:
“Thanks to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for hosting the dialogue last night. I appreciate the social justice work done by all the religions. The audience was passionate about their own social justice work. It is uplifting to know that many good people are working hard for justice and good will between all people. The dinner that is served on Thursday nights is an act of compassion”.

“Thanks to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for hosting and doing such a wonderful job. I think I share everyone’s feeling that last night was special and a blessing to all. I look forward to more times when we can work together” said Ms Betty Hoevel

Another guest Bonnie Rice said: “Thank you, all of the people at the mosque who always make us feel so welcome. I found the program, speakers and audience to be quite inspiring”.

“Thanks to all for a wonderful evening filled with a spirit of peace and unity and a desire for positive change”, said another guest Peggy Sisson.

Ms Sara Frease remarked that, “I am grateful to the organizer & the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for their hospitality & hosting the event, the enlightening speaker’s & subsequent discussion, for everyone who provided snacks & drinks & all the attendees who are committed to strengthening our common belief that action will further justice & caring for our neighbors & strangers.

Tuesday evening was a wonderful, encouraging event! Thank you, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, for your gracious hospitality and thanks to all who helped and participated in any way. I was surprised by some of the questions — particularly the ones off topic for that evening.

“It was a wonderful event. Thank you for bringing community together”, said Tara Feiner

“It was a wonderful program, we both were moved by the presentations, and were thoroughly delighted by the Muslim speaker……such a holy man. We are all brothers and sisters in the God of Abraham”, said Faithfully, Paula & John Humphrey

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