German mosque must stop broadcasting call to prayer, court finds



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BERLIN (Reuters) – A mosque in northwest Germany may no longer broadcast its Friday midday call to prayer by loudspeaker for now after a local court upheld a challenge by a couple who live nearly 1 km (1,000 yards) away.


The Gelsenkirchen administrative court found that the town of Oer-Erkenschwick had not assessed the local Muslim community’s request properly in 2013, but a court spokesman said on Friday that this did not prevent the mosque making a new application.


The local Christian couple had argued that the call to prayers violated their own religious rights.


Anti-Muslim sentiment and support for anti-immigration policies are growing in many parts of Germany after the influx of well over a million migrants from Iraq, Syria and other mostly Muslim countries, beginning in 2015.


Huseyin Turgut, a senior official with the affected mosque, said the court’s decision was disappointing.


“The call to prayer lasts for two minutes, just around 1 p.m., but only on Fridays,” he said. “We’ve never had any complaints and we have German neighbours who are much closer – just 10 metres away.”


The town’s administration could not immediately be reached for comment.


(Reporting by Andrea Shalal; Editing by Kevin Liffey)


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    At Time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh did not have clock, thay is why there was a call to prayer by using a tool to make a loud sound. So people could hear that sound it means time for prayer.
    In modren time people still use a tool like the loud speaker to call to prayer. This call to prayer make non Muslim feel uncomfortable, specially early morning around 5 am.

    I support the idea to stop the mosque using loud speaker. Now every one can use iphone to call to prayer.

    Islam is a religion of peace and mercy. Islam do not make others uncomfotable. Unfortunately most clerics make Islam bad image.


    • In Germany the only call to prayer in this one mosque was for Friday Prayers, not 5 am. To complain shows stupidity and nothing else. In Zurich once a Journalist (non-Muslim!) put loudspeakers in the main church and arranged for the Islamic Call to prayers, nice and loud. He then interviewed the people in the street. Practically all the comments were very positive. One lady said that this call to prayers was much nicer than the church bells. During my stay in Jordan what I liked most in Amman were the calls to prayers from the mosques! Alhamdolillah – all praise is due to Allah ! (Muslims: do not be cowards).

  2. Rafiq, know it that the non Muslim are alike, some of them are Islamophobia who do not like to hear the Islamic thing or sound. Those refugee who live in majority Non Muslim have to care other feeling, not be egoist / ignorance.
    Islam us a religion peace and mercy, is not religion of provocation. If some people do not like Hijab, loud speaker and halal grocery etc stop it, it will be wise.
    Now-a-days, most non Islam are afraid of Muslim terrorist, so Muslim really need to comfort them with good behavior in mojority non Islam.
    This is my advise to Muslim refugee .
    May God bless you all.
    All ❤️

    • and what will the Africans do in Europe? ‘whiten’ their skins? so that they do not get shot at by right-wing extremists (as happened in Italy a couple of days ago?)

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