Tweet calling for killing of Muslims in India doesn’t violate rules, says Twitter

India Today: A journalist on Monday tweeted, without naming them directly, that “they” need to be “killed” before “they kill us”. Although interpretations of the tweet may differ from person to person, many saw it as a tweet advocating violence against members of a particular community — Muslims — and called it genocidal in its intent. Many also reported the tweet as well as the account as abusive or advocating violence. However, Twitter doesn’t find anything wrong with the tweet and replied to many saying that the tweet advocating murder of people doesn’t violate its rules.

Update: Twitter briefly suspended the account of the journalist — Jagrati Shukla — for a few hours before restoring it. It seems that someone within the company, probably in the US because the account was suspended early morning on Tuesday, decided that the tweet in question was indeed objectionable. However, this was followed by someone else in India deciding that it was not and by 11am, the account was fully restored. Although her tweet was deleted.


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