One cigarette a day ‘increases heart disease and stroke risk’

Source: BBC News

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Smokers need to quit cigarettes rather than cut back on them to significantly lower their risk of heart disease and stroke, a large BMJ study suggests.

People who smoked even one cigarette a day were still about 50% more likely to develop heart disease and 30% more likely to have a stroke than people who had never smoked, researchers said.

They said it showed there was no safe level of smoking for such diseases.

But an expert said people who cut down were more likely to stop.

‘Stop completely’

Cardiovascular disease, not cancer, is the greatest mortality risk for smoking, causing about 48% of smoking-related premature deaths.

While the percentage of adults in the UK who smoked had been falling, the proportion of people who smoked one to five cigarettes a day had been rising steadily, researchers said.

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3 replies

    According to resech and health experts that cigarette smoking are nore dangerous than meat of pork and alcohol.
    Arab Clerics say: Muslim are forbidden to eat pork and drink alcohol even a bit , but cigaratte smoking is not forbidden. Very wierd indeed.

    Most educated Muslim who live in Science and technology still follow the ancient interpretation of Islam who lack of knowledge. Very sad.

    Progressive Muslim allow Muslim to eat pork, drink alcohol and sigaratte smoking as long as not HARM your health.

    The key is as long as not harm your self. Islam is religion of logic, reasonable.

    All ❤️

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