PAKISTAN :why didn’t the Muslims choose a ‘Maulana’ as the founding father of Pakistan?

There is no denying the fact that while many religious scholars actively participated in the Pakistan Movement, it was Jinnah who became Quaid-e-Azam. He did not need piety to enhance his persona and preferred human rights over Islamic jurisprudence

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  1. The sincere Ulema did not support the creation of Pakistan and so were absent from the process and were blamed for being anti-pakistan, its one of the reasons why there are more muslims inside India than Pakistan. Just twenty something years before the creation of Pakistan a Khilafat existed so it wasn’t an ancient idea by then. Dr Israr Ahmed never stood up for the Pakistani anthem and continued to support Khilafat. Muslims ruled over all of India and over hindus which was taken from them by the British. Muslims wanted a return to that when the British left. It is clear Jinnah was a british agent wanting to build a new secular state. Considering the anger that people felt when bhutto admitted to drinking alcohol it would have been much worse had they known about jinnah but jinnah was promoted as a hero clever enough to take on the British. It was mainly only the brelvi community which fell for the lies of an Islamic Pakistan, the sincere ulema knew a nation state could never be islamic. The average pakistani doen’t know about jinnahs alcoholism or anything bad about him. They are brainwashed by the system and continue to believe Pakistan was made for Islam even though Jinnahs actions prove otherwise.

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