Honda has built four little robots to help humanity

Source: BBC News

Honda has revealed four little robots that want to make people’s lives just that little bit better. And considering the 2017 we’ve had, this is welcome news.

Especially since one of those little robots is an autonomous, off-road buggy. Look at it’s lil’ face! Adorable.

Information at this stage is a bit sparse, but we’re told this buggy – codenamed 3E-D18 – is fitted with AI to help support people “in a broad range of work activities”. Which we’re reading as “set it to drift around your local farm and crack open the popcorn”.

The 3E-A18 is a companion robot, which apparently shows “compassion to humans” thanks to a variety of facial expressions. It’s basically a robot puppy. Another concept is a mobility chair for “casual use in indoor or outdoor spaces,” while the last one resembles a modern-day R2D2. It’s a mobile cargo unit.

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