Book Review: The Thirteenth Tribe : The Kazar Empire and Its Heritage – by Arthur Koestler

The Thirteenth Tribe: The Kazar Empire and Its Heritage Paperback – June 1, 1978

Koestler advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people originating in and populating an empire north of and between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Koestler’s hypothesis is that the Khazars – who converted to Judaism in the 8th century – migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany) in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing.
–This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.
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  1. Both authors, Arthur Koestler and Shlomo Sands are Jewish. Both state that most of the Jews that claim that their ancestors came from Palestine actually came from the Kazan Empire and consequently cannot claim any ‘historical right’ to be in Israel. Read the books ! (I have read both)

    • Please do not trust to people’s saying, they can fabricate a history, please trust on God, will give you the truth.
      Bible and Al Quran as guidance to seek the truth has say that Allah has given the land to Jews who came from Egypt led by prophet Moses.
      Allah love those who place the trust on Him that others.
      With ❤️

      • Somi has his views and even the best of historical evidence will not move him/her. Yes, some Jews came from Egypt, a long, long time ago. And many more came from the Kazar Empire, not so long ago. Look at all the original names of the Israeli leaders, they all used to have Eastern European names.

    • ok, if you like to give attention to pro-Trump agenda. My personal view is that whatever the President of the USA says about the capital of another country, or countries, is of little interest to the rest of the world. In other word the present reaction is ‘over-done’. We all knew that the USA is no neutral partner. With or without this announcement I have long thought that it would be better for the Palestinians to forget the USA in any negotiating role. The Arabs should rely on the Arabs. Without Arab unity they will not get their Palestinian State. With Arab and Muslim unity they might have a chance. Anyway, personally I think they should aim for a One State Solution, but, of course with equal rights for all. And the Kazars, yes, let them go back to the Kazar Empire.

  2. Remember !
    Look at the American’s value, it is amazing, from God we worship every time.

    —-Love God with all your heart, mind and with all your soul— love your neighbor as you love your self, if you hate other you ate a big liar! —love your enemy and pray yo those who persecute you— help people you hate you—

    I think Poll has show that about 90 percent Arab Muslim hate Jews and Christian, All parents have been teaching their children and grand children for century, they follow the sunah or false hadith such as:

    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”
    I believe Ahmadiyyah reject this hadith.

    More than 3 decades American Goverment has been helping Arab people who hate USA not only madiator but also help them with Millions — million dollars , even with lifes, many American died for peace in Arab countries.

    Do not forget Amarica helped millions Ahmadiyyah Muslim from persecution of the extremist Muslim in Pakistan, although Ahmadiyyah are Muslim.

    What Trump did recently to help Jews have their own temple, Capital and their own country after thousand years Rome and Arab imperialist occupied Jews land and destroyed Jews TEMPLE in Jerusalem. Jews had became refugee for thousand years in other countries.

    Allah Willing, at WW II Jews succeeded to free its country from Arab occupied in 1948. At war 1967 Jews won war with Arab countries, Jews took back Jerusalem from Arab Palestine , but still under Jordan control. Since 1967 Jews has been seeking the recognization that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. After 70 years Allah willing, Trump recognize that Jerusalem is Israel capital. Arab and Muslim around the world do not accept it.
    We do not know exacly what God’s plan next?
    We all pray for peace and submite to Allah’s will.
    USA ,Trump want peace, Jews want peace, Arab want peace. Our question? How to achieve peace?
    This us our challenge— do not use arms, but use our open mind, peaceful, LOVE and pray. Insya Allah, Allah will guide His people to achieve peace.

    I believe that my thought is not popular among million Muslim, but I believe in God’s word.

    Remember ! And if you obey most of those ( radicalism ) on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allâh’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.Q. 6:116

    May Allah guide us all to the peaceful solution Amin
    With ❤️

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